Application Processing

People want to work with organizations that make it easy to buy. You can’t afford to cut corners, but you can simplify your sales process with ePropertyPlus property management system. Our online application module helps you cut out inefficient paper forms and annoying PDF downloads.

The seamless integration of our Public Site and Staff Site reduces the chances for mistakes and the need to respond to incomplete applications. Simple notifications and application workflows keep everyone informed and provide transparency.

The result: it’s better for you and for your buyers.

Configure Online Applications

Design one or many application forms using our dynamic form designer. Decide what fields will be mandatory, allow applicants to upload documents, and publish different application types for different property types or purposes. ePropertyPlus property management system ensures your users can complete the right application the first time and submit only when the application is complete. ePropertyPlus cuts down on time wasted transferring data from paper applications into digital format or chasing down incomplete applications.

Improve Communication

Applicants want to know the status of their applications, but that can lead to disruptive calls to your office or emails to your staff. It’s especially problematic when applicants submit incomplete information. With ePropertyPlus, applicants only submit when the application is complete. Next, they can check the status of their applications online using a private Applicant portal. Finally, application workflows can be configured within the property management system to send notifications when the Application status is updated. It’s about delivering great service efficiently – for you and your customers.

Make it Easy & Efficient

ePropertyPlus integrates the Public Site and Staff Site seamlessly. Applications submitted online via ePropertyPlus Public Site are immediately available for review by staff. You can configure workflows in our property management system to automate the review and approval process, saving time and ensuring all applicants are processed according to your program guidelines and rules. If you need to implement compliance audits or applicant verifications, a custom integration to your tax or code enforcement system is easy to do. It’s all about making it easier for your customers and more efficient for your staff.

Want to learn more about our features? Check out our demo page!

Jan 1, 2001

The Organization Y Incorporated is founded

Jane Doe and Joe Schmo co-found The Organization Y Incorporated when they produce a product that gets the attention of investors."The Organization Y Incorporated" soon changed its name to "Organization X,” after two years of massive success.
September 4, 2004

The Organization X Is Named #1 Corporation

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February 21, 2012

The Organization X Grows to 500 Employees

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Jane Doe, Project Manager, Company XYZ
Working with this team was a dream. They went above and beyond throughout the project, helped us make smart decisions, and when anything went wrong, they communicated it immediately and went into problem-solving mode.
Robert Doe, Design Lead, Company 123
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